Cease & Desist

Congratulations on your choice to pursue legal action against Super Happy Fun America! We stand ready to assist you with all of your ceasing and desisting needs.

FIRST. The first step in your legal journey is to send us a cease-and-desist letter.  Remember, you cannot sue for damages unless you have completed this process so get over that writer’s block and start your adventure of imagination.

SECOND. Also, please realize that everything on our site and on all of our social media is purely opinion, and nothing in it is meant to be construed as a statement of fact. Everything we say and do is meant to be in super happy fun.  You have to be careful about whether we are stating something as an assertion of fact, or whether its pure opinion. 

THIRD.  If you think we are defaming anyone, don’t bother contacting us if the alleged defamation is not “of and concerning you.”  You cannot send a cease-and-desist letter on behalf of someone else, or sue on those grounds.  Even if our statements are of an concerning you, we will say they’re not In our motion for summary dismissal.

LASTLY, if you are a public figure, any alleged defamatory statements on our part must meet the high bar set in Times v Sullivan of statements that are made with “actual malice.”

If you believe that your claim meets all of these qualifications, please send us a cease-and-desist letter to cease-and-desist@SuperhappyfunAmerica.com.

Good luck and we’ll see you in court!