SHFA announces 1-Phase approach to reopening Massachusetts

Thousands of people swarmed the State House on May 4th to declare that Massachusetts is joining the other states in open rebellion against the corrupt political and media elites who are destroying our economy and violating our civil liberties.  Governor Baker, in tyrannical fashion, has released a 4 phase plan that favors his wealthy cronies while the rest of us languish under an economic nightmare.  Super Happy Fun America has a better 1 phase plan for the commonwealth: open the economy now!

Our campaign continues as we protest outside of Governor Baker’s home at 49 Monument Ave in Swampscott, MA on May 16th at  2PM. Baker’s empty threats of disallowing our First Amendment right to assemble will not be tolerated.  We the people will not be terrified into giving up freedom in exchange for faux security. The politicians, bureaucrats, and media remain gainfully employed while they callously dismiss concerns about the impact their decisions have upon our jobs, wages, and well-being. We demand that the Governor and his minions let the people get back to work.

SPLC officially Designated as a hate group

Super Happy Fun America is pleased to announce the formation of the Super Happy Fun America Law Center.  Hate crimes against patriotic Americans are on the rise ever since Democrats were elected as the majority in the House of Representatives.  We aim to expose the hypocrisy, lies, and intolerance of the left against all things traditional. The Super Happy Fun America Law Center monitors hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States and exposes their activities to law enforcement agencies, the media, and the public.

Visit the Super Happy Fun America Law Center at

Stand with ICE and Super Happy Fun America in Burlington, MA., this Saturday 11/23 at 10am!

Join SHFA, Michelle Malkin, and other patriots at the Boston Stand With ICE rally as we protest dangerous sanctuary laws while showing support for our brave ICE agents!

***Address may change***

1000 District Ave, Burlington MA. 01803

Follow our Facebook event page for updates

Super Happy Fun America corrects the record after Somerville, MA issues bogus Straight Pride Parade After Action Report

Police in the city of Somerville, MA., are under immense pressure for simply enforcing the law when protesters opposing the Boston Straight Pride Parade engaged in violence and anarchy. Of the 36 arrests reported, all of them were against anti-straight protesters who engaged in disorderly conduct and violence against the police. Unfortunately, far-left activists groups have joined communist sympathizer Mayor Curtatone in defending the violent protesters and criticizing the police.  In response, the city issued a bogus After-Action-Report (AAR) in order to placate and appease the far left.

According to the report, the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) stated that “individuals from both sides were expecting and hoping for violent confrontation.” Super Happy Fun America disputes the claim that anyone on our side was expecting or hoping for a violent confrontation, and in-fact our organization went to great lengths to maintain a safe environment for everyone. After all, we applied for a permit and fully cooperated with the Boston Police Department, while possessing full knowledge that children were coming to walk in the parade.  There was obviously an attempt to draw a false equivalence between violent far left groups such as Antifa, and the patriots on our side exercising their free speech rights.

The After-Action-Report also claims that parade participants planned to bring batons and were associated with white nationalist groups. We categorically deny that we ever planned to bring weapons or are in any way associated with white nationalism and its advocates.  We are left to wonder whether their intelligence unit relies only on fake news and far left propaganda or they are just extremely incompetent.  

The AAR states that the John Brown Gun Club is a citizen protection group that employs the use of guns at protests for self-defense.  In reality, the John Brown Gun Club is a communist organization known to use violence against American conservatives who are simply exercising their First Amendment rights. “Citizen protection” and “community self-defense” are dog whistles to the far left for the violent suppression of the rights of others.

The AAR is clearly biased when it asserts that the majority of the anti-straight protesters were peaceful demonstrators while simultaneously failing to mention that all of the straight pride participants were peaceful. It also fails to point out that all those arrested were protesting the parade and no one participating in the parade had any problems with the police. It is evident from the report that the City of Somerville is more interested in placating the far left rather than defending their police who are attacked by those same groups.

SHFA VP Mark Sahady fights back against police tyranny and he needs your help!

Mark Sahady is our Vice President and one of the founding members of Super Happy Fun America. He served honorably in the US Army, deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, and still holds an active security clearance. Sahady is a vocal supporter of our Constitution and American values. He also supports our men and women in blue who place their lives on the line each and every day for our safety.

After requesting a permit to protest Bill and Hillary Clinton, two war criminals visiting Boston for a fundraiser, Mr. Sahady received a phone call from a Boston Police detective. On this phone call, the detective badgered Mr. Sahady about what the purpose of the protest was, and whether any protesters will be bringing weapons. The detective further inquired about Mark’s expired license to carry firearms, and then asked about Mark’s registered firearms at his home. Massachusetts is a unique state that maintains a list of firearms possessed by residents, most states do not. Neglecting to renew a license to carry is, at best, an administrative oversight. Mark immediately felt uncomfortable and told the detective that he was hanging up. As a parting jab, the detective told Mark that he would be contacting Malden, his local police department.

The next day, Malden police set up a perimeter around Mark’s house and demanded he immediately turn over his firearms. Mark told them to get a warrant, which caused them to leave his house, but with a threat: “we’re going to get a warrant, and when we return, we’re ripping your house apart.” After negotiations with the Chief of police, Mark turned over the firearms and attempted to renew his LTC that same week. His renewal was denied because he was an ‘unsuitable person’ after refusing to immediately turn over his firearms.

Mark retained an attorney and appealed the decision. After waiting months, his day in court arrived. Outside of the court room, waiting for the case to be called, the Chief of Malden police approached Mr. Sahady and his attorney. The chief told Mark that, if he dropped the appeal, Mark could then come to the police department and have his permit renewed without a problem. Mark wanted his court fees and attorney costs to be reimbursed, but on advice of his attorney who told him that the judge might be sympathetic to the Chief’s case, he dropped the appeal. After dropping the appeal, the Chief pulled Mark to the side and told him “you know this was nothing personal, right?”

Well, we all take this VERY personal. Mark served in the Army during wartime and deployed overseas to a combat zone. He donned the American flag and placed his body in harm’s way for our protection. Police took notice of Mark after a lawful request for a permit to protest, a fundamental right as an American citizen. The Boston Police detective abused his position of power and broke the law when he looked into Mark’s background as the result of a lawful request. The United States trusted Mark enough to give him an automatic rifle and security clearance to defend our country, yet as the result of a lawful permit request he was treated like a violent criminal and labeled unsuitable to possess firearms.

Mark spent thousands to fight something that should never have happened. Not only that, but this occurred during the height of our planning as he was regularly receiving threats on social media because of the parade.

Boston Police broke the law when they violated Mark’s privacy and looked into his record. They must be held accountable. Mr. Sahady seeks to sue Boston Police department and the detective in court, but it will cost many additional thousands of dollars. He needs your help.

Mark set up a GoFundMe account which was shortly removed by the platform with no notice or reason given. He has since created a new fundraiser, but we do not trust it will stay active—especially if significant donations begin pouring in.

Your support is needed. Please contribute $5, $10, $20, $50, or more, to help Mark hold BPD accountable. Share this message with others who can help. Tell your friends and family about what happened. We cannot allow authorities to operate above the law without repercussions for their illegal activities.

Super Happy Fun America believes a war against free speech is being waged against Americans. We are on the front lines of this battle. Our organization is composed of veterans and activists who literally put themselves and their reputations in harms way to highlight the tyranny and hypocrisy of outrage culture and identity politics. We support the police and they are generally on our side, but in this instance a few bad apples acted above and beyond the scope of their authority in a politically-based retaliation against a combat veteran.

Please help.

Link to Mark’s GoFundMe

Students at New England Law School: Ambassador Scott Brown has a “history of racist, homophobic, and sexist comments.”; Student government President labels SHFA organizer as ‘white supremacist’ via student-wide email; extremely toxic environment on campus.

On August 30th, New England Law School’s Student Bar Association President Kyle Porro sent a mass email out to all students on campus regarding the straight pride parade organized by Super Happy Fun America. In that email, he expresses that students support and encourage the open dialogue of opposing views, but that we are oppressive towards others. He continues to state that our movement is an attempt to normalize ‘homophobic and white supremacist ideals and [to] put down already marginalized communities.”

Samson Racioppi is the treasurer and grassroots organizer of Super Happy Fun America. He has been quoted numerous times in the news denouncing extremist and hateful views, and has a solid background of promoting free speech and equality for all. He also attends New England Law school and was appalled upon receipt of this email.

Samson met with Mr. Porro less than a week after the email was sent and confronted him about the accusations. When asked for evidence supporting his email, Mr. Porro could not produce any, yet he doubled down on his statement and refused to retract or apologize—ironic considering the SBA President is about to graduate into a profession centered around presenting compelling evidence.

Since then, Samson has been subject to harassment, defamation, and an extremely hostile environment on campus. Numerous students have approached him about the rumors being spread behind his back. He has been called a Nazi in the hallways by other students. Another student told peers that they have a duty to tell others that there is a white supremacist in their class.

Samson attempted to resolve this situation through working with the administration, but there is not much they can do. Last week he filed an official complaint with the student judiciary board, but is not very hopeful about an amicable resolution. Years of public-school and undergraduate brainwashing has created a generation of students who cannot think objectively, and we shudder to think they will be leading our judicial and legislative systems in the near future.

A day after Samson filed the judicial complaint, New England Law school announced that Ambassador Scott Brown will be the new President and Dean of the campus. Immediately, students were outraged and began circulating an ‘open letter’ demanding that the administration rescind their choice and include the student body in the selection process. Ambassador Brown served honorably in the National Guard, has led a life of public service at the state and national level, and makes a great addition to the campus. Triggered students who have never experienced life without some sort of safe-space to withdraw to are demanding that the school bend to their wishes. Apparently, the entire school should be a bubble where only far-left agendas are acceptable. Students assert that Scott Brown’s voting record in the early 2000s was anti-LGBT and as a result he is unsuitable for the job. It is shameful and embarrassing that law students cannot work with someone who might think slightly different than they.

The manufactured outrage on campus goes well beyond the choice of a new President. Most of the complaints about Scott Brown in the open-letter are straight out of the democrat’s talking points against President Trump. The losing-left in this country will take every opportunity to punish President Trump and anyone who remotely supports his administration. Students at New England Law are attempting to make the school’s choice of President a referendum on what they think about President Trump. They will not be happy unless NESL chooses a far-left candidate who checks off all the appropriate ‘diversity’ boxes. Students would rather forgo an extremely well-qualified and connected choice for President because of their personal biases against anything Republican.

An email sent to all students on November 9th accused Scott Brown of having a “history of racist, homophobic, and sexist comments and political stances,” and as a result, the choice of Ambassador Brown is “antithetical to the values of our school.”

Tis a sad day in Boston when standing up for free-speech and traditional values gets you labeled as a Nazi or a white supremacist. Tis an even sadder day when students refuse to accept an extremely connected and well qualified Ambassador as President of their college because of fake, manufactured outrage against Trump.


See attached images for correspondences re: Scott Brown and SHFA founder / NESL Student Samson Racioppi.

Email sent to All Students by SBA President
SBA Judicial Complaint, Pg.1

SHFA Coming to dallas on 11/16

Super Happy Fun America is coming to Dallas Texas on November 16th to support the “Protect our Next Generation” event. One of the march’s organizers, Teresa Stephens Richenberger, was a speaker at the Boston Straight Pride Parade. Our organization is building a coalition with patriot groups across the nation in order to defend our constitutional republic which is continually under attack. The march is bringing attention to the sexualization and corruption of America’s children taking place and the far left’s attempts to silence opposition. One of SHFA’s goals is to fight these efforts and we are honored to join Teresa and Protect Our Next Generations in this fight. More details to follow.

See the Facebook event:


Victory For Gun Rights

Super Happy Fun America is pleased to announce that Vice President Mark Sahady is getting his license to carry a firearm back.  Those following the story will remember that the City of Boston retaliated against him for wanting to exercise his first amendment rights.  A detective pulled his firearms license even though he was not entitled to the information.  The detective also accessed information about his firearms in the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security even though there is supposedly no gun registry in the state.  The city in which he resides then confiscated his firearms without a warrant in violation of his Fourteenth Amendment and Second Amendment rights.

It is obvious that citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are being deprived of rights guaranteed by the Constitution, especially their right to keep and bear arms, even in their own homes.  Super Happy Fun America will lead the fight against tyrannical government until America is once again happy and fun.

Stand Against Communism with SHFA

On September 29th, 2019 pro-American, pro-Constitution, and pro-Capitalism activists gathered at Boston City Hall to protest the Chinese Progressive Association’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of China’s dictatorship. Mayor Marty Walsh, Councilor Ed Flynn, and State Senator Joseph Boncore pandered to an ideology which is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in the 20th century. Instead of embracing freedom and a strong market economy, they raised the Chinese Communist flag to celebrate butchers like Mao Tse-Tung. Political hacks like those here in Boston are the reason communism is alive and well in the US. Our elected officials believe they can play both sides of the aisle in order to maximize votes and keep themselves in office, but we say NO MORE! 

Boston has approved over 280 flag raising ceremonies at City Hall.  The only two rejected are the Christian flag from Camp Constitution, and our Straight Pride flag, which represents the diverse history, culture, and contributions of the straight community.  Mayor Walsh’s administration is happy to hoist a flag over Boston that symbolizes death and destruction but denies Super Happy Fun America’s request to honor a representation of life and heterosexuality.

Upon hearing of what transpired in Boston, a friend and supporter of our organization named Boonn Hem from the People’s Republic of California expressed to us how it insulted those who suffered under communism.  She suggested a way for Americans to protest, which has motivated us to respond. 

Super Happy Fun America calls upon our supporters to burn communist flags in solidarity with Boonn, the people of Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, those in re-education camps, and everywhere else they are held hostage by communism. We are not against the citizens of China; we oppose oppressive government institutions that cause the suffering of millions. Flesh can be killed, but ideas are immortal. What we have here in the US is special and requires absolute vigilance to maintain and keep. We are the bastion of light and liberty for so many, and we cannot allow the torch of freedom to be extinguished. 

We are asking freedom loving people to do the following during the month of October:

Get a representation of communism, whether it be a flag or something else. Find a place, the more symbolic the better, where you can safely burn your item. Record a short video of you burning or destroying your item of choice.  We encourage you to share thoughts about communism, the item, and the place. Upload the video to YouTube, Facebook, or other places and then let us know about it so we can share it.

Let’s make a statement that patriotic, freedom-loving Americans will not accept communism in the United States!


On September 29, 2019, the city of Boston raised Communist China’s flag proudly without shame. 

It is an insult to the Chineses who suffered and lost loved ones during Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward. It is an insult to me who lost my great-aunt, great-uncle and grandfather who were brutally executed point-blank by the Khmer Rouge who were highly influenced by Zedong. The Rouge’s delusional, arrogant, Marxist, agrarian, utopian idea is still having an effect on the Khmer people today.

The Communists here in the States are seen burning the American flag, practicing their first amendment rights, they chant, “America was never great!”

So I invite all of my friends and families who are reading this, to burn the Communist flag in protest of Communism.

I choose Red October A.K.A as the Great October Socialist Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution. Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Bolsheviks led the revolution and seized control of Russia on Oct. 24–25, 1917 [Nov. 6–7, New Style].

Spread this message: better dead than red

~Boonn Hem