lyft hates the straight

Super Happy Fun America received a letter from Lyft labelled “Cease and Desist” with a demand to “immediately remove the Lyft name, logo, and branding from your regrettable website”.  It appears that Lyft is yet another heterophobic global corporation.  We believe that there is nothing “regrettable” about advocating for equal rights for straights as we celebrate our community’s diverse history, culture, and identity.

Based upon their reputation as a progressive company and their support of a parade for other sexual orientations, we offered the Lyft the opportunity to sponsor the first annual Boston Straight Pride.  Therefore, we considered ourselves to be in negotiations.  It is ironic that in their letter to SHFA, Lyft claims to have “strongly held values of equality, inclusivity, and acceptance.”  If they really believed in those values, then they would embrace equality by supporting all sexual orientations.  They would embrace inclusivity by adding an ‘S’ for straight to ‘LGBTQ’ and they would accept straights as equals.

SHFA will not be bullied by Lyft.  Our website serves to educate the public about issues impacting the straight community.  Therefore, we will continue to inform the public about Lyft and other hate filled institutions.


take back our state rally

Some of the Super Happy Fun America team attended the “Take Back Our State” rally on July 13th at the Massachusetts State House. The rally was to honor the seven motorcyclists (5 of whom were decorated Marines) who were killed by an immigrant with a long history of arrests. He should have been in deportation proceedings because of his repeat offenses. Activists came together in support of fixing our immigration laws in order to strengthen public safety.

Before the rally, WRKO radio host Jeff Kuhner recognized SHFA’s President, John Hugo, for driving Mayor Marty Walsh insane. The video is from Rob Burke, our newly appointed videographer.

Netflix hates the straight

Super Happy Fun America reached out to Netflix with an offer to sponsor the 1st annual Boston Straight Pride Parade based upon their reputation as a progressive and forward-looking company.  We believed that they would jump at the opportunity to become involved in our young civil rights movement.  Sadly, we have learned that Netflix is a heterophobic company steeped in hatred and bigotry.  They not only rejected our offer but threatened us with litigation if we did not stop using their name and logo, which is perfectly legal for editorial or informational purposes. 

Netflix labelled us bullies and declared that their legal department “is here, it’s queer, and it’s telling you to steer clear.”  Obviously, Netflix has no qualms about using their position of power to threaten marginalized groups who are exercising their 1st amendment rights.  It appears that their legal department is staffed by gay supremacists who are so accustomed to privilege that our goal of equality for straights feels like oppression to them.  In fact, it is Netflix that is acting like a bully.  We have every right to inform the public about our attempts to gain sponsors for our parade and their hate will not stop us.    

State Street Declines sponsorship

State Street Bank has respectfully declined to sponsor the Boston Straight Pride Parade.  In their email to Super Happy Fun America they cited limited community resources compared to the demand for support.  We appreciate their response to our proposal and their best wishes for our upcoming event. We hope they will reconsider next year!


Super Happy Fun America is pleased to announce that our application for a Straight Pride Parade permit has been granted by the Boston Transportation Department.  We would like to thank both Captain Sweeny and Captain Fong of the Boston Police Department for approving the parade route through their districts.   

The parade will be held to achieve inclusivity and spread awareness of issues impacting straights in greater Boston and beyond.  We are super excited that finally straights, an oppressed majority, will have their voices heard.  We invite straights and allies from the Boston area and throughout the country to join us as we celebrate the diverse history, culture, and contributions of the straight community.  We encourage all who want to participate to register on our website so that we can account for you and provide a flag for the parade.

We are still taking applications for floats and groups.

See you at the parade!

What’s happening to shfa?

shfa was unable to send email

We would like to apologize to our supporters who emailed us or donated and never received an email response.  Our intent has always been to be highly responsive and unfortunately, we have faced major hurdles.  We noticed on July 10th that our outgoing email was not getting sent to the recipients.  We opened a case with Bluehost technical support.  They claimed that the problem was due to our email server having been placed on 2 blacklists.  However, we could find no evidence to support this claim and are left wondering exactly what caused the problem. 

shfa website suspended

On July 10th Bluehost contacted us to let us know that JP Morgan filed an alleged trademark violation against our website.  We had included their logo in a blog post suggesting that they should sponsor the Straight Pride Parade.  Although legally we can use trademarks for informational purposes, as any other website, we removed the logo well before the 48 hours demanded to avoid any problems.  Bluehost then informed us that we could not even mention JP Morgan on the website and a few hours later, before we could respond, suspended our website.  This is a clear infringement upon our freedom of speech.  We have switched to a web host that respects free speech and is not intimidated by fraudulent threats from global corporations.  The website is now available again.

shfa teespring store terminated

On July 3rd Teespring notified us that our campaign had been terminated due to “content concerns”.  They stated that our campaign may have used content owned by a third party or may have violated their acceptable use policies.  However, they did not specify what the violations were.

donations and responses

Donations were tied to our website so we set up a GoFundMe.  We still need to pay for parade expenses, etc. and greatly appreciate any donations.  Please consider donating through either the website or GoFundMe if you can afford it.  As always thank you to our supporters.


Prospective corporate sponsors

Note that these are prospective sponsors because we are still in negotiations.  We will let the public know if they choose to support the straight community by accepting sponsorship of the parade.  Company logos with an ‘X’ over them indicate that they have declined to sponsor the parade or the offer has been withdrawn.


  • JP Morgan Chase filed a fraudulent trademark violation complaint against us and their threats resulted in Bluehost taking down our website.  We have now moved to a new host that respects free speech.  Given their hateful response, we are withdrawing our offer to sponsor the parade.
  • State Street respectfully declined our offer.  We hope they will reconsider next year!
  • Gillette has declined to sponsor the parade.  That was a close shave.
  • NetFlix sent a very heterophobic response.

Original blog post below

As corporations with reputations for being both progressive and socially conscious, we are optimistic that they will become part of the team advancing our historic civil rights movement.  We are pleased to provide this opportunity for corporate America to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality.  Although straights still face economic inequities, such as lower median earnings compared to other sexual orientations, corporations can benefit greatly by marketing to our community.  Sponsoring our parade is one way for a company to show it is straight friendly and safe to purchase its goods and services.   If your company is dedicated to creating a supportive environment and equality for all, please contact us to become an official sponsor of the parade.   Corporations can be important voices in our effort to build an America that is super happy and fun.

SHFA Teespring store terminated

Teespring has terminated the Super Happy Fun America Store. We believe this to be an act of discrimination against straight people. This is just another incident that proves that heterophobia is rampant in the United States. We call upon the public to contact Teespring and let them know that their hate will not be tolerated. We call upon Teespring to reinstate our account immediately.



suspicious packages

On Monday, July 1st, 2019, three members of the Super Happy Fun America leadership team: President John Hugo, Vice President Mark Sahady, and Grassroots Organizer Samson Racioppi, each found suspicious packages at their respective homes. Police were contacted immediately.  Fortunately, we have been informed by the authorities that the packages contained no explosive devices or dangerous substances. We are told they found glitter and vague ominous letters.  The intended message, however, is completely clear. The sender wants Super Happy Fun America to know: We know where you live, and your families are within our reach.

We believe this to be the action of domestic terrorists, like those who attacked independent journalist Andy Ngo in Portland. These extremely grumpy bigots collectively call themselves Antifa, which stands for Anti-fun, as they despise all fun and happiness. They are a notoriously heterophobic SHFA-designated hate-group.  Another group that does not think Antifa’s antics are fun is the FBI.  Perhaps they will be meeting soon.

These latest threats against Super Happy Fun America are obviously being made in response to our planned Straight Pride Parade to be held in Boston on August 31st. This serves as further proof of our sincerely held belief that Straight people are an oppressed majority. Anti-fun and other heterophobes are dead set on suppressing the ability of straights to freely express themselves as a legitimate sexual orientation and proud members of the LGBTS (S is for Straight) Community.

The cowardly threats against our parade organizers and their families will not deter us from advocating for Straight acceptance, nor will it dissuade us from continuing forward with our Straight Pride Parade in Boston on August 31st, 2019.