SHFA announces 1-Phase approach to reopening Massachusetts

Thousands of people swarmed the State House on May 4th to declare that Massachusetts is joining the other states in open rebellion against the corrupt political and media elites who are destroying our economy and violating our civil liberties.  Governor Baker, in tyrannical fashion, has released a 4 phase plan that favors his wealthy cronies while the rest of us languish under an economic nightmare.  Super Happy Fun America has a better 1 phase plan for the commonwealth: open the economy now!

Our campaign continues as we protest outside of Governor Baker’s home at 49 Monument Ave in Swampscott, MA on May 16th at  2PM. Baker’s empty threats of disallowing our First Amendment right to assemble will not be tolerated.  We the people will not be terrified into giving up freedom in exchange for faux security. The politicians, bureaucrats, and media remain gainfully employed while they callously dismiss concerns about the impact their decisions have upon our jobs, wages, and well-being. We demand that the Governor and his minions let the people get back to work.

2 thoughts on “SHFA announces 1-Phase approach to reopening Massachusetts”

  1. We need to continue having these protest. I’m hoping there’s another one in Boston soon.

  2. We need another protest! We need to make our voices be heard. People are losing everything and our politicians are dragging their feet!

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