Super Happy Fun America corrects the record after Somerville, MA issues bogus Straight Pride Parade After Action Report

Police in the city of Somerville, MA., are under immense pressure for simply enforcing the law when protesters opposing the Boston Straight Pride Parade engaged in violence and anarchy. Of the 36 arrests reported, all of them were against anti-straight protesters who engaged in disorderly conduct and violence against the police. Unfortunately, far-left activists groups have joined communist sympathizer Mayor Curtatone in defending the violent protesters and criticizing the police.  In response, the city issued a bogus After-Action-Report (AAR) in order to placate and appease the far left.

According to the report, the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) stated that “individuals from both sides were expecting and hoping for violent confrontation.” Super Happy Fun America disputes the claim that anyone on our side was expecting or hoping for a violent confrontation, and in-fact our organization went to great lengths to maintain a safe environment for everyone. After all, we applied for a permit and fully cooperated with the Boston Police Department, while possessing full knowledge that children were coming to walk in the parade.  There was obviously an attempt to draw a false equivalence between violent far left groups such as Antifa, and the patriots on our side exercising their free speech rights.

The After-Action-Report also claims that parade participants planned to bring batons and were associated with white nationalist groups. We categorically deny that we ever planned to bring weapons or are in any way associated with white nationalism and its advocates.  We are left to wonder whether their intelligence unit relies only on fake news and far left propaganda or they are just extremely incompetent.  

The AAR states that the John Brown Gun Club is a citizen protection group that employs the use of guns at protests for self-defense.  In reality, the John Brown Gun Club is a communist organization known to use violence against American conservatives who are simply exercising their First Amendment rights. “Citizen protection” and “community self-defense” are dog whistles to the far left for the violent suppression of the rights of others.

The AAR is clearly biased when it asserts that the majority of the anti-straight protesters were peaceful demonstrators while simultaneously failing to mention that all of the straight pride participants were peaceful. It also fails to point out that all those arrested were protesting the parade and no one participating in the parade had any problems with the police. It is evident from the report that the City of Somerville is more interested in placating the far left rather than defending their police who are attacked by those same groups.

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