Students at New England Law School: Ambassador Scott Brown has a “history of racist, homophobic, and sexist comments.”; Student government President labels SHFA organizer as ‘white supremacist’ via student-wide email; extremely toxic environment on campus.

On August 30th, New England Law School’s Student Bar Association President Kyle Porro sent a mass email out to all students on campus regarding the straight pride parade organized by Super Happy Fun America. In that email, he expresses that students support and encourage the open dialogue of opposing views, but that we are oppressive towards others. He continues to state that our movement is an attempt to normalize ‘homophobic and white supremacist ideals and [to] put down already marginalized communities.”

Samson Racioppi is the treasurer and grassroots organizer of Super Happy Fun America. He has been quoted numerous times in the news denouncing extremist and hateful views, and has a solid background of promoting free speech and equality for all. He also attends New England Law school and was appalled upon receipt of this email.

Samson met with Mr. Porro less than a week after the email was sent and confronted him about the accusations. When asked for evidence supporting his email, Mr. Porro could not produce any, yet he doubled down on his statement and refused to retract or apologize—ironic considering the SBA President is about to graduate into a profession centered around presenting compelling evidence.

Since then, Samson has been subject to harassment, defamation, and an extremely hostile environment on campus. Numerous students have approached him about the rumors being spread behind his back. He has been called a Nazi in the hallways by other students. Another student told peers that they have a duty to tell others that there is a white supremacist in their class.

Samson attempted to resolve this situation through working with the administration, but there is not much they can do. Last week he filed an official complaint with the student judiciary board, but is not very hopeful about an amicable resolution. Years of public-school and undergraduate brainwashing has created a generation of students who cannot think objectively, and we shudder to think they will be leading our judicial and legislative systems in the near future.

A day after Samson filed the judicial complaint, New England Law school announced that Ambassador Scott Brown will be the new President and Dean of the campus. Immediately, students were outraged and began circulating an ‘open letter’ demanding that the administration rescind their choice and include the student body in the selection process. Ambassador Brown served honorably in the National Guard, has led a life of public service at the state and national level, and makes a great addition to the campus. Triggered students who have never experienced life without some sort of safe-space to withdraw to are demanding that the school bend to their wishes. Apparently, the entire school should be a bubble where only far-left agendas are acceptable. Students assert that Scott Brown’s voting record in the early 2000s was anti-LGBT and as a result he is unsuitable for the job. It is shameful and embarrassing that law students cannot work with someone who might think slightly different than they.

The manufactured outrage on campus goes well beyond the choice of a new President. Most of the complaints about Scott Brown in the open-letter are straight out of the democrat’s talking points against President Trump. The losing-left in this country will take every opportunity to punish President Trump and anyone who remotely supports his administration. Students at New England Law are attempting to make the school’s choice of President a referendum on what they think about President Trump. They will not be happy unless NESL chooses a far-left candidate who checks off all the appropriate ‘diversity’ boxes. Students would rather forgo an extremely well-qualified and connected choice for President because of their personal biases against anything Republican.

An email sent to all students on November 9th accused Scott Brown of having a “history of racist, homophobic, and sexist comments and political stances,” and as a result, the choice of Ambassador Brown is “antithetical to the values of our school.”

Tis a sad day in Boston when standing up for free-speech and traditional values gets you labeled as a Nazi or a white supremacist. Tis an even sadder day when students refuse to accept an extremely connected and well qualified Ambassador as President of their college because of fake, manufactured outrage against Trump.


See attached images for correspondences re: Scott Brown and SHFA founder / NESL Student Samson Racioppi.

Email sent to All Students by SBA President
SBA Judicial Complaint, Pg.1