SHFA VP Mark Sahady fights back against police tyranny and he needs your help!

Mark Sahady is our Vice President and one of the founding members of Super Happy Fun America. He served honorably in the US Army, deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, and still holds an active security clearance. Sahady is a vocal supporter of our Constitution and American values. He also supports our men and women in blue who place their lives on the line each and every day for our safety.

After requesting a permit to protest Bill and Hillary Clinton, two war criminals visiting Boston for a fundraiser, Mr. Sahady received a phone call from a Boston Police detective. On this phone call, the detective badgered Mr. Sahady about what the purpose of the protest was, and whether any protesters will be bringing weapons. The detective further inquired about Mark’s expired license to carry firearms, and then asked about Mark’s registered firearms at his home. Massachusetts is a unique state that maintains a list of firearms possessed by residents, most states do not. Neglecting to renew a license to carry is, at best, an administrative oversight. Mark immediately felt uncomfortable and told the detective that he was hanging up. As a parting jab, the detective told Mark that he would be contacting Malden, his local police department.

The next day, Malden police set up a perimeter around Mark’s house and demanded he immediately turn over his firearms. Mark told them to get a warrant, which caused them to leave his house, but with a threat: “we’re going to get a warrant, and when we return, we’re ripping your house apart.” After negotiations with the Chief of police, Mark turned over the firearms and attempted to renew his LTC that same week. His renewal was denied because he was an ‘unsuitable person’ after refusing to immediately turn over his firearms.

Mark retained an attorney and appealed the decision. After waiting months, his day in court arrived. Outside of the court room, waiting for the case to be called, the Chief of Malden police approached Mr. Sahady and his attorney. The chief told Mark that, if he dropped the appeal, Mark could then come to the police department and have his permit renewed without a problem. Mark wanted his court fees and attorney costs to be reimbursed, but on advice of his attorney who told him that the judge might be sympathetic to the Chief’s case, he dropped the appeal. After dropping the appeal, the Chief pulled Mark to the side and told him “you know this was nothing personal, right?”

Well, we all take this VERY personal. Mark served in the Army during wartime and deployed overseas to a combat zone. He donned the American flag and placed his body in harm’s way for our protection. Police took notice of Mark after a lawful request for a permit to protest, a fundamental right as an American citizen. The Boston Police detective abused his position of power and broke the law when he looked into Mark’s background as the result of a lawful request. The United States trusted Mark enough to give him an automatic rifle and security clearance to defend our country, yet as the result of a lawful permit request he was treated like a violent criminal and labeled unsuitable to possess firearms.

Mark spent thousands to fight something that should never have happened. Not only that, but this occurred during the height of our planning as he was regularly receiving threats on social media because of the parade.

Boston Police broke the law when they violated Mark’s privacy and looked into his record. They must be held accountable. Mr. Sahady seeks to sue Boston Police department and the detective in court, but it will cost many additional thousands of dollars. He needs your help.

Mark set up a GoFundMe account which was shortly removed by the platform with no notice or reason given. He has since created a new fundraiser, but we do not trust it will stay active—especially if significant donations begin pouring in.

Your support is needed. Please contribute $5, $10, $20, $50, or more, to help Mark hold BPD accountable. Share this message with others who can help. Tell your friends and family about what happened. We cannot allow authorities to operate above the law without repercussions for their illegal activities.

Super Happy Fun America believes a war against free speech is being waged against Americans. We are on the front lines of this battle. Our organization is composed of veterans and activists who literally put themselves and their reputations in harms way to highlight the tyranny and hypocrisy of outrage culture and identity politics. We support the police and they are generally on our side, but in this instance a few bad apples acted above and beyond the scope of their authority in a politically-based retaliation against a combat veteran.

Please help.

Link to Mark’s GoFundMe

4 thoughts on “SHFA VP Mark Sahady fights back against police tyranny and he needs your help!”

  1. In the fifth paragraph, this sentence should be rewritten.

    “He donned the American flag and placed his body in harm’s way for our protection.”

    It should say that Mark SALUTED the American flag. Donning a flag sounds like someone taking a cloth flag and wrapping it around his body. Some amateur politicians do it, but it’s not very flattering.

    1. I understand what you’re saying.. But in another sense, the act of signing up in the military, putting on the uniform, and wearing the flag, is a form of donning the flag. Hence the wording. Thanks for the input

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