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On September 29th, 2019 pro-American, pro-Constitution, and pro-Capitalism activists gathered at Boston City Hall to protest the Chinese Progressive Association’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of China’s dictatorship. Mayor Marty Walsh, Councilor Ed Flynn, and State Senator Joseph Boncore pandered to an ideology which is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in the 20th century. Instead of embracing freedom and a strong market economy, they raised the Chinese Communist flag to celebrate butchers like Mao Tse-Tung. Political hacks like those here in Boston are the reason communism is alive and well in the US. Our elected officials believe they can play both sides of the aisle in order to maximize votes and keep themselves in office, but we say NO MORE! 

Boston has approved over 280 flag raising ceremonies at City Hall.  The only two rejected are the Christian flag from Camp Constitution, and our Straight Pride flag, which represents the diverse history, culture, and contributions of the straight community.  Mayor Walsh’s administration is happy to hoist a flag over Boston that symbolizes death and destruction but denies Super Happy Fun America’s request to honor a representation of life and heterosexuality.

Upon hearing of what transpired in Boston, a friend and supporter of our organization named Boonn Hem from the People’s Republic of California expressed to us how it insulted those who suffered under communism.  She suggested a way for Americans to protest, which has motivated us to respond. 

Super Happy Fun America calls upon our supporters to burn communist flags in solidarity with Boonn, the people of Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, those in re-education camps, and everywhere else they are held hostage by communism. We are not against the citizens of China; we oppose oppressive government institutions that cause the suffering of millions. Flesh can be killed, but ideas are immortal. What we have here in the US is special and requires absolute vigilance to maintain and keep. We are the bastion of light and liberty for so many, and we cannot allow the torch of freedom to be extinguished. 

We are asking freedom loving people to do the following during the month of October:

Get a representation of communism, whether it be a flag or something else. Find a place, the more symbolic the better, where you can safely burn your item. Record a short video of you burning or destroying your item of choice.  We encourage you to share thoughts about communism, the item, and the place. Upload the video to YouTube, Facebook, or other places and then let us know about it so we can share it.

Let’s make a statement that patriotic, freedom-loving Americans will not accept communism in the United States!


On September 29, 2019, the city of Boston raised Communist China’s flag proudly without shame. 

It is an insult to the Chineses who suffered and lost loved ones during Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward. It is an insult to me who lost my great-aunt, great-uncle and grandfather who were brutally executed point-blank by the Khmer Rouge who were highly influenced by Zedong. The Rouge’s delusional, arrogant, Marxist, agrarian, utopian idea is still having an effect on the Khmer people today.

The Communists here in the States are seen burning the American flag, practicing their first amendment rights, they chant, “America was never great!”

So I invite all of my friends and families who are reading this, to burn the Communist flag in protest of Communism.

I choose Red October A.K.A as the Great October Socialist Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution. Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Bolsheviks led the revolution and seized control of Russia on Oct. 24–25, 1917 [Nov. 6–7, New Style].

Spread this message: better dead than red

~Boonn Hem

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