Political Hackjob Opportunist targets Dr. Nace for speaking at Straight Pride parade

Dr. Felecia Nace

Masslive.com covered this story yesterday, click here to read it.

Super Happy Fun America condemns the bigoted calls by far-left activists who demand Dr. Felecia Nace resign from her post as trustee at Raritan Valley Community College. Those calling for her resignation are engaging in a politically motivated knee-jerk reaction to her involvement in our inaugural Straight Pride parade in Boston last month. Encouraging inclusiveness and diversity in college is beneficial for both students and the community alike, but not at the expense of well-meaning individuals who have dissenting opinions that question the status-quo.

College environments are supposed to be bastions of free speech—a marketplace of ideas where nothing short of rigorous debate and rich intellectual discourse are insisted from educators. We find it appalling and hypocritical for political opportunists to demand the resignation of Dr. Nace in the name of “diversity.” We believe the greatest form of diversity worthy of protection is that of thought, a basic concept lost on those calling for Dr. Nace’s to resign. Felecia’s views have thoroughly been expressed in her books, “Top-Down Confusion,” and “Massaging the Mindset,” and should be no surprise to those in her community. 

We, like Dr. Nace, hope and pray that the ability to think critically while questioning everything remains alive and well in our colleges and universities. Super Happy Fun America does not expect Raritan Valley Community College to agree with Dr. Nace’s views, but to honor her First Amendment rights to express them in public spaces.

Dr. Nace’s speech at the Straight Pride Parade