Cosplay Costumes at the Parade

Super Happy Fun America’s amazing first annual Boston Straight Pride Parade featured a cosplay contest. Unfortunately we were unable to fit in the formal judging in the time allotted due to security delays at City Hall. Therefore we would like to spotlight some of the amazing entries.  We hope to have many more next year.

The Great Huwhite Shark

This lad believes that so long as one can identify as anything in today’s world, he might as well identify as a shark.  He rocked the megaphone throughout the parade with a stream of witty remarks which had fellow parade-goers rolling with laughter and anti-fun (antifa) hecklers bewildered and confused.

Trumposaurus Rex

Leading the parade the whole way was this king of deplorable lizards rocking his Trump 2020 flags on his back and claws.  While being pro-Trump was not a prerequisite for participation, this dino clearly supports his President and isn’t afraid to show it.

Based Flag-Man

Some say the American flag shouldn’t be worn as an article of clothing.  This super patriot agrees to disagree and goes in the exact opposite direction by dressing head-to-toe in glorious stars and stripes.

Honkler the Clown And Pepe The Frog

We live in a society, but never consented to live in a society.  Gamers rise up! Super Happy Fun America would like to thank these fine gentlemen gamers for driving all the way from the great state of Pennsylvania to support straight pride.  We hope this will be the start of a beautiful new Gamer-Straight alliance.  Also, a big thanks to them for providing Milo’s podium.


Watch out for these golden claws.  This ferocious feline was on the prowl with us the whole day.  Mysterious, yet captivating.

This is not an exhaustive list.  Once again we thank everyone who came out and showed a super happy fun American spirit and we hope to see you all again next year.