Gun Confiscation Begins In Massachusetts

The City of Boston retaliated against Mark Sahady, Super Happy Fun America’s Vice President, for wanting to exercise his First Amendment rights.  When SHFA’s petition to fly the straight pride flag at Boston City Hall was rejected, we filed a discrimination complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD).  Around the same time Mark applied for a permit to peacefully protest Hillary Clinton, who unsuccessfully ran for President of the United States with the support of the Democratic party and Mayor Marty Walsh. 

A Boston city detective called Mark before the protest and asked if protestors would be carrying weapons even if legally licensed.  He stated that he pulled the firearms license of Mark, that it had expired, and questioned him on registered firearms.  The detective did this although he is not a member of the police department where our esteemed Vice President lives and was not entitled to this information.  The detective contacted that police department the next day in retaliation for peaceful protest.

The following day armed police officers from the town in which our Vice President lives came to his residence without a search warrant and in violation of his Fourteenth Amendment due process and Second Amendment rights.  When asked if they had a warrant to enter his residence, they stated that “they did not need one.”  The officers eventually exited the residence and purportedly waited outside for a warrant to be issued.  While outside the officers remarked that they were going to “tear the house apart once the warrant was issued”.  Based upon these threats Mark acquiesced and allowed the officers to re-enter and confiscate his properly locked and secured firearms.  When he applied to renew his License to Carry (LTC), it was rejected by the Malden Police Chief by labeling him an “unsuitable person”.

Mark is a combat veteran, has never been convicted of a crime, and meets all the requirements for having an LTC.  The City of Boston retaliated against him and his own city deprived him of his Constitutionally guaranteed rights.  Super Happy Fun America is opposed to such tyrannical actions of government.  We will not be deterred from exercising our First Amendment rights at the Boston Straight Pride Parade.

14 thoughts on “Gun Confiscation Begins In Massachusetts”

  1. This for real happened? Why did they take his guns? I’m not terribly clear on that. What was their basis? Does Mark suffer from PTSD or another mental illness. Has he been hospitalized for any mental illness?

  2. You need this to be national…PLEASE share this link with Hannity, Mark Levin, Dan Bingino and Judge Jeanine fb and twit pgs!!! If we all make an effort, exposure of their corruption thus humiliation is the best deterrent. MAGA!!!!!

    1. As a Combat War Vet with PTSD and former Public Safety worker with Police I find this behavior reprehensible. Contact State Police and FBI immediately if this happens to you. Each Officer and the Detective should be arrested, placed on Administrative unpaid leave until a court date can be set. We, the good public will of course accept any resignations from said parties. Compensation and public apology should come from the highest offices for this injustice.

    2. Mark, please take this national. Get in touch with Tim Pool–he’s a center left Indie reporter, but he tries to be very objective. I am willing to bet his team could help you. I also hope you are looking into suing the pants off of Boston and Malden!

  3. Why do we even have so called “permission slips ” for a natural birthright reaffirmed by the bill of rights?This is the real battle,till then,lawyer up and get your permission slip back,this is unless something not being told a clear case of,uh,hate using this word,discrimination.

  4. This is an outrage! Completely disgusting behavior. Way to go Mass police, just keep proving that you, as a group, use your positions as officers to circumvent the law.

  5. Have you notified the media? If not, Why? Claim your rights back through public opinion.

  6. Hmmmm…..,and yet,the march went off fine!

    Thanks SHFA,will be sending you a few bucks(use for lawyer/get the slip back),snail mail as I refuse to use paybuddy.

    I had a good time and will write you folks a little in future as I digest todays events and think about the future and your par(and mine)t in it,will say despite rumors the Boston PD in my opinion did a good job,thanks for a Super Happy Fun Day!

  7. Maybe next time, Mark, you’ll think twice before applying for a permit to “peacefully protest” a person who’s guarded by the Secret Service 24/7/365.

    After seeing footage of your pathetic parade of lames today, I already knew you guys were nitwits before I even arrived at this website.

    Your amusing gun story only props up my confirmation bias.

    All the global laughter is at your expense. Enjoy, sweetums!

  8. Your ridiculous jibberish and infantile ranting only reaffirms the quote: better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” You people in MA have always had difficulty in voting. Always the charlatans who steal from you, remove your rights and over-tax you year after year, yet they seemlessly get richer and richer. Hmmm, must of thrown out your spines and understanding of constitutional law along with the tea. #Boston Embarrassment.

    1. I am a very proud American and the descendant of Pilgrim Mayflower descendants.

      I support gun control, yet I own a gun.

      I support universal healthcare, yet I own the ability to pay for my own, and equal rights, although I am fully enfranchised.

      I support a path to citizenship.

      I support food stamps for the poor.

      I support nutritious school lunches for all children.

      I am sorry if you find any of that objectionable.

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