Marvina Case to Speak At Straight Pride Parade

Super Happy Fun America is announcing that Marvina Case of Moms for America will speak at the Boston Straight Pride Parade on August 31st. She is also Vice President of  Texans United For America and President of Steps of Love Orphanage.   Marvina is a homemaker, proud wife and mother, Christian, Constitutional Conservative, cancer and rape survivor, and philanthropist. She is the author of The Mean, MEAN, Mother and dedicated to showing others how to break through boundaries in order to shape the future. The straight pride movement honors wives and mothers and Marvina’s message to the world is an excellent addition to the parade. 

The day of the 1st annual Boston Straight Pride is almost here. We encourage everyone attending to check our website for updates and get ready for a super happy fun time.

2 thoughts on “Marvina Case to Speak At Straight Pride Parade”

  1. Please tell Marvina to correct her avatar to say philanthropist rather than philanthropists. God bless her but we need to present ourselves as educated, literate people.

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