Adam Kokesh to Speak At Straight Pride Parade

Super Happy Fun America has added Adam Kokesh as a speaker at the 1st annual Boston Straight Pride Parade taking place on August 31st.  The hostile reaction we have received from media elites demonstrates that there is no group whose freedom of speech is more threatened than advocates for the rights of straights.  Adam has a history as a staunch advocate for free speech and we are honored that he has taken up our cause.  He also adds another veteran to the team.

The straight pride parade centers on bringing happiness and fun to the people of Boston.  However, Anti-Fun (antifa) forces, with the backing of the fake news media and anti-free speech activist Mayor Marty Walsh, are determined to keep Bostonians in a state of malaise and lethargy.  Adam brings a talent for staging sensational events and turning people against the darkness.  With Parade Grand Marshal Milo Yiannopoulis, the Trump Unity Bridge, Barbara from Harlem, Teresa Richenberger, Dr. Felecia Nace, G. Notes Justice, Adam Kokesh, Camp Constitution, and Women of Eve all joining our celebration, the Boston Straight Pride Parade is certain to be the summer’s greatest hit full of happiness and fun.

2 thoughts on “Adam Kokesh to Speak At Straight Pride Parade”

  1. For the August 24 Modesto CA parade – I hope it is true (and if so, please make it known to the press and public) that your organization is NOT a white supremacist group. That people who are of every race and color are associated with your movement. I hope you have people in the parade of every color.
    The opposition groups in Modesto, be they religious or LBGTQ or their supporters, are billing your organization as white supremacists.

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