Dr. Nace to Speak At Straight Pride Parade

Super Happy Fun America is excited to welcome Dr. Felecia Nace as a speaker at the Boston Straight Pride Parade on August 31st.  Dr. Nace is an advocate for the rights of children. She promotes maintaining elementary and high schools that are free of adult sexual topics such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer / questioning.  She is quoted as saying:

Let’s not put adult issues into public school systems. It’s time to simply teach children about good citizenship and how to live and work systemically in our society. These are lifelong lessons that ensure children can coexist with all people in a productive way. The overload of adult topics that are finding their way into school curriculums in the U.S.,  strip children of the wonderment of childhood and their innocence.”

Dr. Nace is the author of Top-Down Confusion: Is gray the new pink in education?.  She has been appointed as the Science Advisor of Super Happy Fun America.  She will chair the organization’s Science Advisory Board.  To apply for a position on the board, send a resume to info@superhappyfunamerica.com.