SHFA Teespring store terminated

Teespring has terminated the Super Happy Fun America Store. We believe this to be an act of discrimination against straight people. This is just another incident that proves that heterophobia is rampant in the United States. We call upon the public to contact Teespring and let them know that their hate will not be tolerated. We call upon Teespring to reinstate our account immediately.



suspicious packages

On Monday, July 1st, 2019, three members of the Super Happy Fun America leadership team: President John Hugo, Vice President Mark Sahady, and Grassroots Organizer Samson Racioppi, each found suspicious packages at their respective homes. Police were contacted immediately.  Fortunately, we have been informed by the authorities that the packages contained no explosive devices or dangerous substances. We are told they found glitter and vague ominous letters.  The intended message, however, is completely clear. The sender wants Super Happy Fun America to know: We know where you live, and your families are within our reach.

We believe this to be the action of domestic terrorists, like those who attacked independent journalist Andy Ngo in Portland. These extremely grumpy bigots collectively call themselves Antifa, which stands for Anti-fun, as they despise all fun and happiness. They are a notoriously heterophobic SHFA-designated hate-group.  Another group that does not think Antifa’s antics are fun is the FBI.  Perhaps they will be meeting soon.

These latest threats against Super Happy Fun America are obviously being made in response to our planned Straight Pride Parade to be held in Boston on August 31st. This serves as further proof of our sincerely held belief that Straight people are an oppressed majority. Anti-fun and other heterophobes are dead set on suppressing the ability of straights to freely express themselves as a legitimate sexual orientation and proud members of the LGBTS (S is for Straight) Community.

The cowardly threats against our parade organizers and their families will not deter us from advocating for Straight acceptance, nor will it dissuade us from continuing forward with our Straight Pride Parade in Boston on August 31st, 2019. 

barbara from harlem

Super Happy Fun America announces that Barbara from Harlem is joining the Boston Straight Pride Parade.  We are ecstatic that she has accepted our invitation to speak.  Barbara inspires people to question their allegiance to the Democratic party and its hatred of traditional lifestyles.  We are looking forward to her educating the people of Boston about the undesirable consequences of leftist ideology.

The American populace is enthused that there is finally an organization standing up for straights and combating heterophobia.  We are being contacted by many people who are interested in speaking at the parade.  We will inform the public as we bring aboard more super happy fun speakers and guests of honor. 

We would also like to thank Chris Bartley for serving as our first gay ambassador. Unfortunately he has a family obligation an can’t make the parade. Therefore we are appointing Anthony Tamagna as our new gay ambassador. Congratulations Anthony.

Please see the link below to learn more about Barbara from Harlem.

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