PayPal Hates Straights

Super Happy Fun America received an email from PayPal on July 29, 2019 notifying us that our account had been permanently limited.  This means that we can no longer use PayPal to collect donations. In the same manner as other corporations, they accused us of violating their “Acceptable Use Policy” without citing any violation.  In fact, they didn’t even bother to fill in the space on their template.  This is an act of cowardice likely designed to avoid a lawsuit by not having a reason on record.  We will prove them wrong!

PayPal is just the latest corporation to cancel or suspend Super Happy Fun America’s accounts.  BlueHost suspended our website.  Patreon and Constant Contact both cancelled our accounts.  Super Happy Fun America is a civil rights organization advocating on behalf of the straight community.  Massachusetts General Law c.272, s.98 prohibits discrimination based upon sexual orientation.  Other states have similar laws.  Super Happy Fun America will hold global corporations to account for their hate against our community. 

After Netflix attacked Super Happy America and straights two weeks ago their stock plummeted. If corporations think that they can get away with heterophobia then they better think again.


13 thoughts on “PayPal Hates Straights”

  1. AWESOME to see so many anti-Fascist people working to stifle the White Supremacists bubbling to the surface after Trump stirred up the mud on the bottom of their ponds! NEVER AGAIN will we allow a Hitler or a Trump to rise to power! Antifa are HEROES in this fight!

  2. I can’t believe people are hated for being straight! We are seeing Sodom and Gomorrah all over again.

    1. We have been banned from any and all financial transactions. All we have left is our PO BOX. It is truly frightening how much control our enemies have. If you told me this would be possible a month ago I would have called you paranoid. Yet it is reality.

  3. No wonder why some people call the GayPal. I just deleted my account. I hope they will have even bigger problems than Gillette.

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