lyft hates the straight

Super Happy Fun America received a letter from Lyft labelled “Cease and Desist” with a demand to “immediately remove the Lyft name, logo, and branding from your regrettable website”.  It appears that Lyft is yet another heterophobic global corporation.  We believe that there is nothing “regrettable” about advocating for equal rights for straights as we celebrate our community’s diverse history, culture, and identity.

Based upon their reputation as a progressive company and their support of a parade for other sexual orientations, we offered the Lyft the opportunity to sponsor the first annual Boston Straight Pride.  Therefore, we considered ourselves to be in negotiations.  It is ironic that in their letter to SHFA, Lyft claims to have “strongly held values of equality, inclusivity, and acceptance.”  If they really believed in those values, then they would embrace equality by supporting all sexual orientations.  They would embrace inclusivity by adding an ‘S’ for straight to ‘LGBTQ’ and they would accept straights as equals.

SHFA will not be bullied by Lyft.  Our website serves to educate the public about issues impacting the straight community.  Therefore, we will continue to inform the public about Lyft and other hate filled institutions.


11 thoughts on “lyft hates the straight”

  1. Just because they refuse to sponsor your parade they “hate you”??? Wow my 5 year old has better logic

  2. Awww bless your hearts.
    You thought you could use companies’ trademarks all willy nilly and without prior authorization. And when you get rejected, you go pee pee potty in your panties.
    Bless your hearts.

  3. “there is nothing “regrettable” about advocating for equal rights for straights…”
    Tell me more? Last i checked you have all the rights afforded to LGBTQ+ and more.

  4. Sucks to suck, don’t it?

    Y’all, nobody wants to sponsor your gross LaCroix Extra-Lite parade, especially not when you have white supremacists in your fold.

  5. This is complete genius, and as far as I can see anybody who doesn’t get the joke is a moron. The whole point of saying “Lyft hates the Straight” is obviously (OBVIOUSLY) pointing to the fact that these days, anyone who doesn’t wave a rainbow flag is denounced as “homophobic”. How can you guys not see this?! It’s PARODY, geez!

    1. Well if it really is a “genius” parody don’t you think at least a few people would get it?

    2. It’s an inside joke right? Why don’t you go ahead and donate? Why would Netflix support a hate group? Because it’s a financially sound decision, NO quite the opposite.
      The issue Netflix and other corporations have is valid. It’s their logo. Their bread and butter. No flag involved.

      Rainbow flag is an inclusive symbol of all those still fighting for equal rights. Now let’s represent and associate separately the group that controls all the rights with the Rainbow flag.

      This is what you call genius?

  6. Tell me, with you calling all these companies heterophobic, will you live in fear to go outside of your house?

    I feel like you’re misusing this term, under the guise that companies who reject you because they understand your parade is not an inclusive space must hate you.

    Please stop playing the victim, you don’t fit that role well.

  7. Maybe, and this just a thought, people would take you more seriously if you weren’t ridiculous. LGBT teens are kicked out of their homes, killed, raped, denied treatment, and so much more because they are LGBT. No straight person has ever been kicked out of their home, killed, raped, denied treatment, and such because they are straight. Grow up and stop illegally using companies’ logos for your homophobic, transphobic taunts.

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