Netflix hates the straight

Super Happy Fun America reached out to Netflix with an offer to sponsor the 1st annual Boston Straight Pride Parade based upon their reputation as a progressive and forward-looking company.  We believed that they would jump at the opportunity to become involved in our young civil rights movement.  Sadly, we have learned that Netflix is a heterophobic company steeped in hatred and bigotry.  They not only rejected our offer but threatened us with litigation if we did not stop using their name and logo, which is perfectly legal for editorial or informational purposes. 

Netflix labelled us bullies and declared that their legal department “is here, it’s queer, and it’s telling you to steer clear.”  Obviously, Netflix has no qualms about using their position of power to threaten marginalized groups who are exercising their 1st amendment rights.  It appears that their legal department is staffed by gay supremacists who are so accustomed to privilege that our goal of equality for straights feels like oppression to them.  In fact, it is Netflix that is acting like a bully.  We have every right to inform the public about our attempts to gain sponsors for our parade and their hate will not stop us.    

24 thoughts on “Netflix hates the straight”

  1. Happy Fun time all you are doing is spreading hate towards The LGBT community. Fact there were many historical figures who were in The LGBT community. 2 your organization is nothing .ore than a group of Nazi’s

  2. Gay people celebrate Pride because for many years including now, there are many places that gay people are discriminated against.

    Straight people celebrate Pride you celebrate their history of oppressing minorities.

  3. That is not very kind to say to our straight brothers and sisters. Many of us gays are supporting SHFA and we have been treated with dignity and respect.

  4. Gay Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being Gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn’t a need for a Straight Pride movement, be thankful you dont need one.

  5. You do realize straight white men will never be a minority in north america right? you are the majority. You are the kid who goes to a friends birthday party and cry because you don’t also get a present. Netflix and every other company has the right not to be associated with you, they are not stopping your 1st amendment rights in ANY WAY they are exercising their right to not be involved with your pathetic excuse for a “civil rights movement”. No one is stopping you from having your website, and we have the same right to tell you that you are all pathetic children.

  6. If gays have a right to have a “pride” month, then there is no reason why Straight folks should not as well. Anything less is discrimination. There is nothing to celebrate for being gay. However, It is Straight people who, since the dawn of time has brought new life into this world, created families, and will continue to do so until the end of time. We are the ones who God ordained and put His blessings on. This gives us a lot to be proud of. I say keep looking until you find a sponsor and march proud.

    1. “If gays have a right to have a “pride” month, then there is no reason why Straight folks should not as well. Anything less is discrimination. There is nothing to celebrate for being gay. ”

      You misunderstand: People with limited rights or who suffer discrimination have often marched in order to demonstrate their presence, such as the suffragettes, or Indian Independence marchers.

      And yes gays have been abused:

  7. I’m straight as they come. I’m also not insecure and immature like these men. But let them have their little party. Who the fuck cares.

    1. Agree with you here. I personally thunk celebrating your sexuality is stupid. But if straight people want a parade, just let them. No need to be bigots about it. It’s not exactly a anti-LGBT parade. Kicking off about it just proves their point

  8. First of all were straight people ever threatened in any way,NO.Were they killed and beaten up for being themselves,NO.Were they discriminated against LEGALLY in every country,NO.So why the fuck do you need a straight pride to celebrate what?that u have more freedom than the lgbtq community does or what because i dont understand what your celebrating and probably just want to make money off this shit,not to mention this “event” wont have any sponsors just a bunch of straight people being booed at littetarly.No one wants to sponsor a homophobic event in 2019 so u can stay at home and be all the straight u like without attacking other people,thank you

  9. Awww. Are you guys not getting your way? Y’all need a nap and some applesauce. Just one question, do you guys fail to see the irony of saying you are against men marching together in a pride parade when you are all…men marching together in a pride parade? That’s just poetically ridiculous.
    Also, I expect you will delete the comment. I’ve never met a free speech conservative who respects the rights of anyone but themselves. And when most American voices are against you, you pretend our failure to obey your 9th century laws and ideals is some form of oppression. Grow up. All of you.

    1. There’s a lot of projection here. I’m centre left and it’s clearly our side, the extreme left that censor the most. Must comments here are negative.

      And you seem to have a chip on your shoulder about men and straight people… You’re proving their point. Celebrating a sexual orientation is dumb, but if they want to, just let them. You’re acting like a bigot, which to be honest, the Alt-left do every much as the Alt-right.

      Just try not to be a raging bigot, you’re proving their point.

    2. Wow, that’s quite a leap even for your narrow preprogrammed leftist mind. Not once was it stated that they are against men marching together, they simply would like their turn to express themselves too. Bigot.

  10. You guys are so pathetic and insecure it’s hilarious. There’s nothing prideful about literally being the accepted norm. Straight people have never been oppressed. Ever. You’re basically just a bunch of whiny crybabies that are spreading bigotry through the guise of “straight pride”. You’re not fooling anyone but yourselves. And the rest of the forward thinking world is absolutely laughing at you.

  11. Ugh how do you not see nothing on this website is anti LGBTQ+ ? Just by saying “ I’m straight and y’know what? I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m proud.” Is not in any way hating on the LGBTQ or any other community. It’s y’all in the comments that sound like the homophobes did when gay pride started.

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