Prospective corporate sponsors

Note that these are prospective sponsors because we are still in negotiations.  We will let the public know if they choose to support the straight community by accepting sponsorship of the parade.  Company logos with an ‘X’ over them indicate that they have declined to sponsor the parade or the offer has been withdrawn.


  • JP Morgan Chase filed a fraudulent trademark violation complaint against us and their threats resulted in Bluehost taking down our website.  We have now moved to a new host that respects free speech.  Given their hateful response, we are withdrawing our offer to sponsor the parade.
  • State Street respectfully declined our offer.  We hope they will reconsider next year!
  • Gillette has declined to sponsor the parade.  That was a close shave.
  • NetFlix sent a very heterophobic response.

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As corporations with reputations for being both progressive and socially conscious, we are optimistic that they will become part of the team advancing our historic civil rights movement.  We are pleased to provide this opportunity for corporate America to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality.  Although straights still face economic inequities, such as lower median earnings compared to other sexual orientations, corporations can benefit greatly by marketing to our community.  Sponsoring our parade is one way for a company to show it is straight friendly and safe to purchase its goods and services.   If your company is dedicated to creating a supportive environment and equality for all, please contact us to become an official sponsor of the parade.   Corporations can be important voices in our effort to build an America that is super happy and fun.

36 thoughts on “Prospective corporate sponsors”

    1. Please tell me when straight people have been persecuted for being straight by the government or even the majority of the public. I’ll wait.

      1. Every single day straights are persecuted and silenced. If I dare say that I do not support gays at my office I would lose my job, but a gay can say they don’t support straights and absolutely nothing happens. That is wrong and it is something that decent and normal people have to start fighting back against. Take your political correctness and stick it where you would probably enjoy sticking it..

      2. You don’t need to be a victim to be proud of what you are. Get your ass out of the soy pool and grow some nuts. Who doesn’t like nuts?

  1. Every company on this list has never been in contact with this organization. Suggesting otherwise is fraudulent. It really devalues what you are doing.

    1. Hi. We updated the blog to reflect who has declined to sponsor the parade. It appears that corporate America is not as progressive as we thought.

      1. Really? You thought that it was possible that corporations were going to donate their $$ and their name to your parade?

      2. That’s really a true shame. Having the backing of companies males this parade more legitimate. There’s no denying that. And although there may be some companies who wouldn’t have minded donating or sponsoring the event, they won’t do it because then they will be blackballed like other companies such as Chik-Fil-A for supporting what they believe. The shameful part is that we ARE a majority. And I hear enough of us out there replying to liberal bs news articles – but where are we now? Literally – the conservative to far left ratio comments on practically every Yahoo article I read is 3:1. And that’s just the conservatives who have time to respond to this CRAP! WE MUST STAND UP. If we don’t begin to stand up now – not to subjugate people of other orientations – but to DEMAND that they try not to oppress US – then I can tell you that the battle will be even bigger and uglier as we are forced into a corner until the only choice we have is to FIGHT – no longer just ignore what’s in front of our eyes because we’re too “busy”. We may not get any corporate sponsors this year, but I hope that after the corporations see the numbers that turn out at this event either this year, or next year, they will see that a good number of their financial supporters are also SHFA supporters.
        WE NEED TO STAND UP AGAINST DISCRIMINATION. This is happening whether you want to deal with it or not. Don’t just sit idly by. JOIN US!!!
        (Written by a mom of three who thinks it’s time we stand up and make a difference.)

        1. You need to look up what the word ‘discrimination’ means because you sound super fabulously snowflakey right now.

  2. Are you still having problems? We use wordpress so you should be able to click the unsubscribe link in the email.

  3. Those X’s are badges of honor for those businesses. Id be happy to be X’d out here… BOSTON DOESNT WANT YOUR HATE PARADE

  4. I thought this event page was farce but I guess not? So ridiculous. Do you understand that straight people are not a marginalized group? The point of events/causes like LGBTQ Pride or Black Lives Matter are to celebrate and lift up groups that need it, not to negate or bring down the opposite group. This event screams attention-hungry cries of someone feeling left out. Really hope you’ll re-evaluate your thinking here.

  5. Please do not use my name as a sponsor or claim any sort of business relationship with me.

  6. If you don’t think America is “progressiveness” enough you can always go back to where you came from.

  7. Thank you for providing another vehicle for the absolute ding dongs to make themselves publicly known. I’m considering this the silver lining of the Trump years. It’s encouraged dumb butts to speak out all over and share their ignorance freely. I hope other people are taking notes, screenshots, photos, videos, and bookmarks too. They don’t get to just slither back into the shadows when this is all over and act like normal folks. My take away from this site is, I’m most concerned for Carol’s 3 children.

  8. Imagine being this insecure and hateful. I hope the whole gay community turns out to cheer on your pathetic little parade.

  9. I honestly can’t tell if this is serious or just satire that’s gone way too far. I mean, this is satire, right?

  10. You were told by Trip Advisor to remove their name (even their name with the x) by Tuesday. It’s Tuesday and it’s still on here! You may find yourself in court facing charges. Since all corporations are x’d out, why not just remove this whole page?

  11. I’m just thinking out loud here. When every single company that you approached (or claimed to have approached, anyway) for sponsorship for your event turns their back on you, perhaps it’s a sign that you’re on the wrong side of society. Rather than blame ALL of them and claim that they’re the ones who are being hateful, maybe you should consider that it’s YOU who are in the minority?

    Let’s get one thing straight: Straight people are in the majority, yes. But straight people who have enough hatred in them to put on an event like this are in the absolute vast minority of this country’s population, and the rest of us don’t really want to be associated with you.

    Just sayin’.

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