SHFA Teespring store terminated

Teespring has terminated the Super Happy Fun America Store. We believe this to be an act of discrimination against straight people. This is just another incident that proves that heterophobia is rampant in the United States. We call upon the public to contact Teespring and let them know that their hate will not be tolerated. We call upon Teespring to reinstate our account immediately.



11 thoughts on “SHFA Teespring store terminated”

  1. so the issue is the alphabet soup plus one (S).
    drop it.
    all I want are placards for my car/house window. the pink/blue ones!
    a t-shirt.
    and a flag.

    1. Hahaha! LOVE IT!

      Thank you Teespring for recognizing thinly-disguised and panicked homophobia when you see it. And by the way, threatened old dudes, ya know what the opposite of “pride” is? It’s “shame.” Lemme ask you a quick question…How many straight kids take their lives every year because they’ve been told that their lives are shameful because of their sexual orientation?

      None, you say?

      There are literally thousands of LGBT kids who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts because of shame reinforced by bigots and homophobes. One of the main objectives of gay pride is to help young people who are suffering and to give them pride—not shame.

      A “straight pride” event would only be needed if young straight people felt marginalized, shamed, and hated for their orientation. They don’t. 95 percent of people are straight. Every day is straight pride day.

      Way to further mock and marginalize suffering young gay people.

      Shame on you.

      1. You know, I’m a gay man who came out in the 1970’s. I’ve suffered name-calling, slurs, social exclusion, and the rest of it. But I’m not offended by this parade. I think it’s a hoot.

        You, however, seem to be doing some serious mind-reading about the intentions of this event.

        Why not just show up and have fun? I’ll be there, and if it’s homophobic, then I’ll agree with you. Otherwise, it seems to me to be a bit of harmless fun.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where we think everyone should take pride.

      2. Another hatefilled heterophobe. People like her might start bombing straight pride parades. STAY SAFE EVERYONE.

      3. Why not celebrate “straight pride” as a matter of celebrating diversity? If nothing else, you can always go old school by celebrating fertility between the sexes. I mean, look at the Fertility Festival in Japan, as an example. Besides, any excuse to have a party is a good thing.


    There’s probably an opportunity for a lawsuit in there.

  3. You know, if George Washington was afraid to have crossed the Delaware River we’d still be under the Brits.

  4. This is pathetic. I’m gay and this isn’t hateful at all. The Straight Pride event isn’t hateful and the organizers haven’t shown anything obscene nor violent. TeeSpring condones vulgar and tasteless designs.

  5. Before they shut out SHFA, we ordered an item called a “Straight Pride Flag.” Paid $33 Cdn for this thing. Turned out to be a paper poster! Very annoyed with Teespring, not only for false advertising, but also for being biased against straight people.

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