barbara from harlem

Super Happy Fun America announces that Barbara from Harlem is joining the Boston Straight Pride Parade.  We are ecstatic that she has accepted our invitation to speak.  Barbara inspires people to question their allegiance to the Democratic party and its hatred of traditional lifestyles.  We are looking forward to her educating the people of Boston about the undesirable consequences of leftist ideology.

The American populace is enthused that there is finally an organization standing up for straights and combating heterophobia.  We are being contacted by many people who are interested in speaking at the parade.  We will inform the public as we bring aboard more super happy fun speakers and guests of honor. 

We would also like to thank Chris Bartley for serving as our first gay ambassador. Unfortunately he has a family obligation an can’t make the parade. Therefore we are appointing Anthony Tamagna as our new gay ambassador. Congratulations Anthony.

Please see the link below to learn more about Barbara from Harlem.

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