parade to take place august 31st

Super Happy Fun America is excited to announce that the City of Boston has agreed to our request to hold a Straight Pride Parade on August 31st.   We would like to congratulate the City for embracing progress and recognizing the rights of straights.  The parade will be a seminal moment in the history of civil rights in America.  All are welcome, both straights and allies, to join us in celebrating the diverse history, culture, and contributions of the straight community.

Ever since knowledge of the parade became public, there has been a barrage of hate directed against straight people.  We are disappointed that celebrities and politicians including Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Evans, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Eric Swalwell have chosen to use their power and privilege to fan the flames of intolerance by disparaging our young civil rights movement.  However, we are encouraged by all the support we have received from around the world.  The parade is a festive occasion that will be used as a platform to educate the public on the unique problems facing our community and to fight against heterophobia.

While we are greatly appreciative of our gains, especially the parade, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to achieve full straight equality.  We will continue to push for the City of Boston to allow the straight pride flag to be flown from the City’s flag poles.  Unfortunately, the City has chosen to deny our request in violation of MGL c.272, s.98 which prohibits discrimination based upon sexual orientation in places of public accommodation.  We ask Mayor Walsh to reconsider his decision not to attend the parade and instead join us in order to express his support for the straight community. Also, we are asking that an “S” be added to LGBTQ in order to be inclusive of our community and foster an environment of super happiness, fun, tolerance and love.

Please direct media inquiries to or call us at (774) 224-5100.  Also, we will be conducting regular live streams and press conferences in order to keep the public informed. 

Donations to our cause can be made here.

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  1. ABOUT TIME!!! Good for you.
    I have no problem with the gay community EXCEPT that I think was EXTREMELY RUDE & SELFISH of them to steal the RAINBOW away from the rest of us. I believe that GOD MADE RAINBOWS FOR ALL PEOPLE not just one group.
    Don’t know what your (our) flag will look like, BUT consider a RAINBOW flag with some sort of symbol on it. ? or maybe an actual arched rainbow with a butterfly ?under it. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR RAINBOW!!!?

    1. Professor Walter Lewin is a world-re-known physics teacher at MIT and famous for his rainbow lecture. Our inclusive pride parade would do well to honor the professor with a rainbow-themed float honoring the professor. I discovered a model of space-time called The Holy Grail Spiral of Life (935-Qkk). Without the intersection of an ever expanding path and an orbital path no matter would ever form. The shape such an intersection takes is a regenerative wave at the smallest of scales. It is very likely related to the Higgs field. I have named the orbital path after professor Walter Lewin as his videos have inspired me greatly.

    2. I totally agree. I was told the rainbow is a symbol of Gods love and promise to us. For them to take it away and use it as their symbol I find to be ludicrous.

      1. I am glad you believe in equal rights for all. That means you cannot discriminate against anyone in the LGBTQ community. That’s all the LGBTQ community has wanted. That also means you cannot continue to play the victim because you are straight. Have your parade. And give equal right to ALL Americans despite their sexual orientation.

        BTW, if you are going to freak out about glitter I don’t think ‘Super Happy or Fun’ belong in the name of your group.

        1. It is out of control and seems like the LGBT fights everything and everyone for what they forgot long ago. Make it not LGBT PRIDE parade but FIGHT instead… against everyone .. simply terrible movement to built like a mafia close circle for special people and treat others like gray mice.. we all have differences but none of them stand out and create own flags, programs and financing on that high level and make everyone follow the movement when you are completely natural towards it and busy with real life..surviving jobs, education, high childcare costs, poor health and so on. I want to also emphasize that movement for MOTHERS should be way more taken into consideration verses any other. First, our future depends on it(kids),Second it is so many obstacles lately every mother faces and not too much education and moral support is given for that matter. Why some get everything and others nothing..

  2. I whole hardly support this event. It’s about time we did something for straight America.

  3. Gay pride parade: only LBTQ+ and allies welcome = inclusive

    Straight pride parade: everyone is welcome = non-inclusive

    Such logic

    1. It said straight people and Allies it’s the same exact thing straight people and Allie lgbtq people and allies

    2. Kim, the key word you are missing is “Allies”.
      This is a joke. Society is built to accept straight people. The fact you think you need a parade, just shows how fragile your ego is and how anything that threatens your view of normal must be fought off. I bet you, and the organizers of this event, have never attended a single Pride event.

      1. > Society is built to accept straight people

        And yet, here you are, spouting your hateful rhetoric and trying to spread tolerance by harassing people who simply wish to have a party (because not too long ago, parades are used to CELEBRATE stuff). And don’t try to say you’re not harassing anyone! I have been told that speech is actual, literal violence! Your ego is fragile and can’t accept that some people just want to have a super happy fun time. I feel sorry for you, heterphobic bigot! ^^

      2. I bet you haven’t attended any single straight parade. It will be wonderful opportunity to praise our life style as well. Finally, I can take kids somewhere for a great celebration like this.I do not have to follow everything..or eat what ever my neighbor prefers ..I like my own restaurants and priorities at the same time also aware of other’s.. Nothing WRONG WITH THAT!

  4. Hope this parade will be something we will all be proud of, unlike the guy pride parades that has been over the top and counter culture. Hope this parade makes us all proud to be Americans who value free speech. American flags plus couples and families marching proudly.
    This is the first time I am excited to go to political demonstration that I feel strongly about. Not only is the Left pissed off, even the liberals are against this, though I think this is virtue signalling. I’m liberal but afraid of the left and feel we need to take be liberalism from the crazies.

  5. Didn’t even know you guys existed! Any plans on setting up stations around the country?

  6. This is going to be historic… the FIRST straight pride parade, and hopefully many more to come!

    Let’s make it memorable 🙂

    1. Let’s do. This should also bring us together as a strong community and help educate on many family issues our community may face to improve our overall well being..

  7. Great to see someone standing up to the “loony left”. We need this in Toronto as well. With an election coming in October it would be interesting to see if Trudeau would attend for a photo op wearing the costume he wore in India. Everyone needs a good laugh.

  8. Good for you! Love the concept of this parade, and also love your courage for pushing ahead with it despite the inevitable (and discriminatory) backlash that will arise – you are braver than me. Good luck and I hope to see more of these in other cities!

  9. This is great for all the straight people and families as we are being forced and bullied by the LGBT+ communities all over the world. We are loosing our voice and freedom

  10. Oh great, another anti- gay group pretending that they are the minority. Can’t just live and let live? Is this group mainly made up of cranky old white men by any chance? Here in Canada we expect such foolishness from your Southern bigots, but it’s a shame to see the rot move to Boston.

    1. Sorry to Hear that you”FEEL” that way.
      This is not a “Political ” event.
      We are not “Victims or a Special Class ” Everybody can Participate. Everybody!!!
      So glad to hear from you….Have You fixed your “Bigoted no Speech Laws” yet?
      Come on down and carry your great “Great Flag”
      Love to see you and your family

  11. Thank God for people like you!!!! Finally….a push for the “other side”.
    Can’t thank you enough for making the effort to show that there is a normal life for the rest of us. Maybe this is a first step for us to stop being pushed around.
    Alt left? Take notice!

  12. You guys need some shirts that say “Super Happy Fun America”
    You’ll sell a lot of them

  13. This parade is dumb by a long shot. Super Happy Fun America saying they want to include the S in LGBTQ+ name, but if you straight people didn’t know there are other letters the just LGBTQ. There an A in LGBQT+ which stands for Ally for straight people, I guess the people at Super Happy Fun America didn’t do their research.
    Another thing that people say who support this parade, is that people who are hating on the parade because “it’s celebrating being straight”. The problem is that your celebrating a cause that has no problems throughout history. There where never hate groups because you were straight, no conversion group for u being straight, no fear of rejection form families. Nothing.

    The reason there Pride Month is to celebrate the hard struggle LGBTQ+ people for equality and there push today, there are still many countries that ban rights for LGBTQ people. I hope you can reconsider that Super Happy fun America is a hate group that hides under a thin sheet saying they’re doing this for “activism of straight people”

    1. This sounds like discrimination against people movement. Please be respectful or go elsewhere

  14. All over with the Straight Pride Parade….”Parade for America” -Boston 8/31/19
    Need to have All 50 States /Territory help out this “Wicked Cool” Event

  15. You mooks are just embarrassing yourselves and your sad subnormal intellects can’t properly execute satire thus should stop trying. All you’re doing is costing yourselves and the taxpayers money.

    Nobody buys you on your premise, first of all, and secondly there aren’t any jokes that are funny.

    You aren’t funny, you’re retarded, and people feel bad for youse.

    Call your little thing off and get a refund from the city. Do the smart thing for once in your anodyne little lives.

    Re: Milo, they have a group for people like him and it’s called NAMBLA.

  16. Love this, I’m against anything that is politically correct, and tired of the same group always getting their flag put up in front of schools, churches, etc. It’s funny how those who claim to be so inclusive hate everyone who doesn’t agree with their views.

    I hope you’ll have shirts available that include the rainbow with it’s original intended meaning.

  17. Michelle, why be a hater?
    The Christian view of the rainbow is it’s God promise….to ALL of us….that (s)he will not destroy mankind by water again.
    The rainbow flag gets it’s origin from the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’, where Dorothy says to Toto we’re not in Kansas any more. As well as, the lyrics in the song Some Where Over the Rainbow.
    Now, why are feeling like the rainbow has been taken from you? Did anyone make a law that you can’t use the rainbow colors for something? And, I’m a bisexual so I will be at the Straight Parade with you. How about I bring you a rainbow flag of your very own to carry. Will that help you stop hating? I will pray for you.

  18. Michelle, why be a hater?
    The Christian view of the rainbow is it’s God promise….to ALL of us….that (s)he will not destroy mankind by water again.
    The rainbow flag gets it’s origin from the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’, where Dorothy says to Toto we’re not in Kansas any more. As well as, the lyrics in the song ‘Some Where Over the Rainbow.’
    Now, why are you feeling like the rainbow has been taken from you? Did anyone make a law that you can’t use the rainbow colors for something? I sure hope not because that wouldn’t be Christain, nor American. I’m a bisexual so I will be at the Straight Parade with you. How about I bring you a rainbow flag of your very own to carry. Will that help you stop hating? I will pray for you.

  19. Great idea … Not happy with the flag, male on women, black and white stripes, could be much nicer with some creativity …

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