shfa ‘fires back’ at the view

Super Happy Fun America (SHFA) has a bone to pick with the hosts of the View for comments made about our parade.  By labeling our movement as a “straight white guy parade”, Whoopi Goldberg effectively trivialized the voices of many in the diverse communities that are participating.  Goldberg’s comments were an act of literal violence that has endangered the lives of heterosexuals everywhere.   “I am Syrian”, explained Mark Sahady, Vice President of SHFA.  “My people have been through a lot, and it is highly problematic to be dismissed simply because I do not fit society’s stereotypes.”

Similarly, Chris Bartley, SHFA’s gay ambassador, was both dismayed and surprised to learn that he was assumed to be straight.  “Just because I am gay does not mean I can’t advocate on behalf of straights”, said Bartley.  “If the View’s hosts had researched our organization, they may have avoided making reactionary comments from a place of ignorance.”  After learning that Joy Behar accused the organizers of being “in the closet” gays, Bartley stated that it was insulting to people of all orientations. 

Heterosexuals have languished in the shadows for decades, but we’re not taking it lying down.  Until an “S” is added, LGBTQ pride will continue to be a system of oppression designed to systematically erase straight people from existence.  SHFA will accept nothing less than a public apology from the View’s hosts, as this is necessary for the healing process to begin.  Only then is it possible to educate them on our differences and similarities in order to build a Super Happy Fun America.

In case you missed it, John, Sam, and Patrick were guests on Grand Marshal Milo’s live stream.  It can be seen at:

13 thoughts on “shfa ‘fires back’ at the view”

  1. The ridiculous thing is that all these celebrities are criticizing you for simply celebrating straightness. Keep up the fight!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is a honest question.
    If Trans men and women are real male and females after they transition. And they are attracted to the opposite sex. Then isn’t “Straight” technically already apart of the LGBTQ community already? Since Trans people are generally Straight?

    1. The first premise is wrong. In reality, those who have undergone “transition” remain what sex they were prior to it. It is merely that they deny this reality in order to live the new lifestyle. Chromosomes don’t change: XX or XY – no other options.

    2. I can’t believe I live in a society that has such twisted and warped stinking thinking! Trans people were,are,and will always be who they were when they were born! Same goes for all types of homosexuals. If it was so normal for them to be who the claim they “really are”,then why do they need a lifetime of hormone treatments, surgeries,and counseling just “to be who they THINK they are”? These are very delusional and perverted people,and it’s nothing new under the sun because we are living in the days of Noah and Lot! But,sudden destruction will come and none will be able to escape the coming judgement,unless they repent before they go too far to be redeemed! PEOPLE NEED TO PLEASE STOP ENCOURAGING/ FORCING THIS WICKNESS AND MENTAL/ SPIRITUAL SICKNESS AROUND AND TRYING TO INFECT PEOPLE AND ALL CHILDREN WHO AREN’T SICK IN THEIR SOULS AND MINDS WITH THESE ABOMINATIONS THAT MY GOD HATES! HE CREATED MALE AND FEMALE FROM THE BEGINNING AND HE HAS MADE NO MISTAKES WITH HIS CREATION! ITS PEOPLE WHO ARE WRONG,AND THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISSAC, JACOB, AND LORD JESUS CHRIST,HIS SON,THAT IS RIGHT AND RIGHTEOUS!

  3. I’m not straight but I support you guys! I know a lot of LGBT people and others are calling this parade “unnecessary” but even if it is, who cares? We should all be able to celebrate who we are and have fun.

    1. Exactly right. There can be a gay pride parade and there can be a straight pride parade. In fact, other groups can also have their own parades if they feel like it. One parade is not an attack on another.

  4. So proud that the great American tradition of smart-ass humor shedding light on the establishment is alive and well, after wondering where it had gone. To Boston! I’ll be there. Go Milo!

  5. I watched that episode of The View. I feel their point was something to the effect of ‘why are you having an event celebrating straightness when 90% of the people are straight’. I’m gay but don’t participate in the Pride events, that’s just me. But I think any reason is a good reason for a parade for those that like that sort of thing.

  6. I had no problem with you boys and girls havin your little parade because u feel left out,more power to ya, but you lost me when you brought on the biggest homosexual MILO as grand Marshall. U couldn’t find some straight guy and gal to host it?

  7. I used to like Whoopi until she stopped being funny and became offensive and humorless. She was great as a faux nun in Sister Act.
    I never stuck my nose into other peoples’ sexual lives until they started going after little children in public schools and libraries. You don’t ever mess with a mama and her cubs.

  8. It’s about time! Yes, straight people absolutely have a right to be proud of it. I personally think it just shouldn’t matter who another person is attracted to. That should only be their business. But this is our world, so be it. Go LGBTQ! Go Straight! All human beings are awesome! ;-o)

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