Boston Rejects Straights

SHFA denied request to raise the Straight Pride Flag at Boston City Hall

Super Happy Fun America applied to raise the straight pride flag on the Boston City Hall flag poles. The city of Boston was chosen to launch this important new civil rights campaign due to its historic significance and reputation as a progressive city. Unfortunately, the administration of Mayor Marty Walsh proved to be resistant to change and rejected our request.

We are dsappointed that the Walsh administration has chosen hate and discrimination.  However, we understand that some segments of society, such as the municipal government, may be hesitant to embrace progress. Therefore, we have decided to launch a campaign to educate the public, politicians, and civil servants about the straight community and the unique problems we face.

We have determined that a parade would be the best way to promote our community and its diverse history, culture, and identity. We anticipate that the city will eventually choose to embrace tolerance and inclusivity.  For now, it is necessary to remind the city that they are legally obligated to treat straight people the same as people of other sexual orientations.  MGL c.272, s.98 prohibits discrimination based upon sexual orientation in places of public accommodation.  While Boston Pride hosts a week-long celebration every year for the LGBTQ+ community, we will settle for one day since our movement is in the early stages. 

List of demands

  • Same parade route as the Boston Pride parade
  • Same accommodations as the Boston Pride parade including street closings and the inclusion of vehicles and floats
  • Permission to raise the Straight Pride Flag on Boston City Hall flag poles
  • Add “S” to LGBTQ because it’s more inclusive that way
Below is the letter from the Commissioner of the Boston Property Management Department, Gregory Rooney, rejecting our request and institutionalizing discrimination against the straight community.  Please call him at 617-635-4100 and ask him to change his department’s policy of marginalizing straight people.

63 thoughts on “Boston Rejects Straights”

  1. Finally there is an organization that is standing up for straights! It’s about time.

    1. God bless SHFA!! It’s about time normal people stand up for themselves against the discrimination and persecution by immoral so-called “leaders.” Of course we accept homosexuals and love them (not their behaviour), but NO ONE can make us accept their behaviour as “equal” because immoral behaviour can never be equal to moral behaviour.

  2. We fully agree. It is creepy so many are expressing such hate for the straight citizens of our community. What is wrong with such people who clearly oppose equality for heterosexuals who have accepted others? We demand respect & inclusion now!

  3. SEX isnt great in America anymore. Parades notwithstanding, self pleasuring is still the safest and most enjoyable approach for me. Straights still think they are the majority so most of them won’t bother supporting your cause or mike being added to the LGBTQ agenda.

  4. My repsonce to this non-sense and Idiocy
    It is readily apparent that you people do not understand the frustration Gays have in our communities for acceptance. The actual condemnation they still face daily. As the Father of a Gay son you irritate. And even gave rise for enough anger to write you.
    As a heterosexual male and Father to 18 over a lifetime. Your attempted perversion of something needed disgusts me. I do not need your stupid help to feel pride. My own accomplishments speak for themselves. YOU ARE A BIG JOKE. and should stop looking for ways to discredit the very real struggle Gays face around the globe. PUT THAT IN YOUR ADVERTISING.

    Gary Graefen
    Webmaster/Blogger for over 20 years now.
    You’ll hear from me publicly

    1. You’re a total moron. Gays Face no discrimination anymore. They just shove it down everyones throats and expect to be bowed down to.

      Straight Pride<3

      1. Absolutely right! Total indoctrination!! Teaching it in schools, in EVERY movie, commercial, cartoons…disgusting how we are force fed this crap!! Not anymore!! We need to stand up and say “Straight Is GREAT”!!

        1. Why is it crap though? Every single movie/song/cartoon since the dawn of time until recently featured only heterosexual relationships. Why are you so bothered that a few represent LGBTQ relationships?

      2. Really they don’t do they, then why was I called a faggot and told to kill myself a week ago for simply commenting ‘nice’ under a pride post on Pinterest.

      3. Hey Adam! It would be really cool if you read a newspaper sometime about the hate crimes and discrimination that the LGBTQ community still faces. You being ignorant of problems outside your own bubble doesn’t mean they don’t exist <3

    2. This guy….lol how is being proud to be straight perverted? I’m just as cool with you being gay as you are about me being straight. Its okay to be proud. its okay to be straight, and its okay to be proud of being straight. That’s not perversion, your just outraged at anything and everything.

    3. You need to calm down. EVERYONE deserves respect. You do not know what suffering others have endured. I pray for you, your son, the Gay community, all straights and these funny guys who are pointing out a real truth in our time. Take a deep breath.

    4. No one gives a cat’s ass if someone is gay. When you want to be noticed and given special treatment over your sexual orientation, that’s when I take issue. I keep my sexual life at home, because that’s where it needs to be.
      If you really think there isn’t something going on to push straight white Christian men down into a hole, you’ve got your blinders on, chief.

      1. Straight, white and old men are discriminated against more than gays, hands down! I can’t get a promotion at work because every “protected class” gets preferential treatment over me! It’s just the truth! Every single person that got promoted at my work was either gay, a woman, a minority or a combination of all of them! We are outcast because we are part of the “patriarchy”!!

        1. Did you think that maybe you didn’t get promoted because you didn’t deserve it? Based on your responses, it sounds like you’re biased, angry, and obtuse to other people’s problems. Maybe your bosses just don’t like you? Just a thought 🙂

        2. Sounds like u just suck at your job If u lost to a buncha gays, women, and minorities ☹️.

    5. I don’t understand why the fact that you have a gay son means heterosexuals should not be treated with equality???? Although you may not want this parade, many straights do. So, because you have a gay son, we can’t have our parade???

    6. Dear Gary, I’m not a father to 18 children as I’m a gay citizen of Super Happy Fun America. I’m all for a heterosexual pride parade and will attend. I have been to many gay events and have never seen any display of how gays are being treated around the world, I do feel the Muslim faith should be targeted as they tend to throw us from the tops of buildings. I’ve also seen many displays of gay pride during gay events which would result in arrest if done outside of a gay event, frankly it’s revolting and perverted. These radical gays don’t speak for me or many other productive gays in society. All gay organizations are led by self appointed gay spokespeople who claim to represent gays, they don’t! I have never voted in a “gay election” to appoint these narcissistic gay voices. If I were to ask a bakery to make me a gay themed cake and they wished not to guess what I would do, I’d go to a bakery that would, simple huh? Decent folks (gays included) would not demand and throw a temper tantrum and law suit to force someone into doing something they don’t wish to do. And frankly I’m not buying your outrage but write it off to another person’s claim to self righteousness via defending a manufactured wrong. Politicians do this all the time as they love to appear to adopt the cause of a minority group, the business world has learned to jump on the gay bandwagon too as they know to exploit gay support for their public relations, it’s easy, it’s low hanging fruit. I’m in the business world, I see it all the time and the activist gay folks suck it up.

    7. You are inSAAAAANNEE, dude! Chill the ‘F’ out. You’re ridiculous xD

    8. Maybe if you had done a better job as a father your son wouldn’t think he was gay! “Persecution”?!! Ha! Wrong is still wrong! Immoral is still immoral!! We do need to have a straight Parade because we are constantly being told we need to accept immoral behavior! I will NEVER accept it as ok! I can love the sinner, not the sin!

    9. I’m a gay man, and I think this is hysterical. I plan to attend to show my support. What’s wrong with a little tongue-in-cheek humor?


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where I’ve been to many a gay pride parade, but am still a straight pride “virgin.”

  5. Wow y’all really think it’s so hard to be straight men….. yeah no. There is no straight pride because it is already the default for every single other day of the year. Straight men are not attacked in the street or beaten to death for being straight, LGBTQ people are. You don’t need a straight pride, it’s homophobic and seems like a cry for attention so…..

    1. Where is America are gay people “attacked in the street or beaten to death for being straight”?

      1. That does not even make sense. Gay attacked or being straight. That was a joke right? Like straight pride?

    2. If you check out the dude who originally organized this it’s pretty clear he just wants to have his white supremacy parade again without the city shutting it down.

      1. It’s honestly sad people as judgmental and gullible as you still exist. I hope you change and one day have a mind of your own. No one here is racist or homophobic, and the point of this parade is to expose hypocritical, thin skinned people like you. Once again, I hope you change for the best. ^-^

      2. I’d love to see some actual evidence of that. I did check him out, and he’s just a conservative politician. He’s running for Congress and his platform doesn’t seem particularly controversial.

        It seems more likely that a “Straight Pride Parade” is a publicity stunt, and so far, it seems to be working brilliantly.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where I like to see out-of-the-box thinking.

    3. Maya, don’t be a hater and try your hardest to be tolerant and accepting of other peoples’ needs. A parade is a celebration. The straight community has the right to celebrate what they value: the unity of man and woman, the family nucleus, tradition, and judaeo Christian beliefs. What is wrong with that? Furthermore, I assure you non of the straight participants will be prancing around in the nude exposing their genitalia. Disgusting!

    4. Sounds like a “pot calling a kettle black”! I don’t know what fantasy island you live on, but that doesn’t happen anymore, not since the “gay mafia” (LGBTQ…RSTUV) has been around! You can’t say or even look at a gay person the wrong way without being called a homophobe and having your life ruined, especially if you own a business!! If you don’t jump on the “gay train” and profess your love for the LGBTQ community and have a rainbow somewhere in your advertisement, your business will be shut down!

  6. I love what you doing can you come to Bloomfield New Jersey and do the same thing is there a group to join please send me some information thank you

    1. Same here in Chicago!! I want to organize a parade here, but that will NEVER happen, especially now that we have a gay mayor! It would have been hard with a straight liberal male as mayor, but now it’s impossible!!

  7. Lol only reason why there’s gay pride is because they are under dogs of the society and also made mistakes and want everyone to pay for it.

    I for one do not need a straight pride parade. Look how backwards this society is already in general, turning it around making it look like it is an anti-gay parade LOL.

    Anyway, idea is weird and it would be more weird if it came about. Just let the gays have their odd parade and whatnot, leave it be.

  8. I m so happy people are waking up . Too bad it s too late now and people are brain-washed… Good job guys.

  9. You can have your pride parade. I’ll happily swap my gay pride parade for marriage equality and not being afraid to hold my partner’s hand in public. The parade is great but it comes with getting beaten up on buses, sent to jail in over 70 countries and killed in 10. If it meant I could be myself without the fear of rejection or harm, I would happily give you our parade. Im proud because others can’t be. Others can’t have a parade without being killed, fired or kicked out. So I will be proud until I don’t need to be anymore.

    1. Sooo… you can only have a *true* pride parade if you also compete in the oppression olympics? You can’t have a PARADE just for the sake of CELEBRATING something?
      Excuse me but wtf?

      Parades are supposed to be fun, joyful occasions. Also, it’s not *your* parade. Take your entitlement, your selfishness and your navelgazing somewhere else. Other people exist beside you.

      1. Why can’t you just let gay people enjoy themselves? The LGBTQ pride parade is celebrating freedom from oppression, from being closeted, from losing opportunities because youre LBGTQ. Have you ever been discriminated against for being straight? Lost a job? Lost your right to fight in the military? Why do you need a parade to celebrate something that is just a fact about yourself that no one disputes or hates you for? Should we have a parade because you brushed your teeth this morning?

    2. Nobody is condoning killing someone because they’re confused sexually, at least not here in the USA! You can hold your “lovers” hand if you want, but moral people like myself will not accept homosexuality as right, EVER! It makes me want to vomit when I see two guys hold hands, much less kiss! Men are designed by God to be with women, not men! The “parts” fit together perfectly! You can’t put two outlets together and expect to get electricity, it just doesn’t work because they are not made to go together! I think you know in your own mind that it is wrong and it’s not strangers condemning you, but your conscience!

  10. showing pride in your feelings , race, sexuality and religious beliefs should be the right of every individual in this country. Not just select groups.

  11. I am so sick and tired of being repressed and the butt of straight jokes. Snearing gays have made me feel less than human because my shirt didn’t match my tie. I have had to hang my head in shame just for being straight. Thank god for you fellas. I only wish I could attend your shindig out in Boston, it’s just to far for my poor ole pony to pack my fat ass from out here in Wyoming (where men are men and sheep are nervous……nothin against that sort of thing I hope).

  12. As an Irish black straight man i feel attacked by this, I will be placing an international call tomorrow to give the Boston bigots a piece of my mind
    All the best fellow pro-creators

  13. You know, people would be less pissed off that this was happening if: you had chosen to have this parade another month, if you weren’t presenting yourselves as oppressed, and if the dude who originally proposed this weren’t so super in white supremacy.

    1. People with moustaches have commited genocides, therefore everyone with a beard is evil. This is your argument, in a nutshell.

      I don’t know whether some random dude is into white supremacy or not. And I don’t care, because this parade is about Straights celebrating being straight. What somebody does in their sparetime is none of my business as long as it’s not being used in the parade.

      But I know why you try to make the association. You see all your privileges crumble before your very eyes and it freaks you out. But it’s time you learn your place and get along with everybody else.

      The parade is gonna be fun and happy.


    2. Hollis, the parade is planned for august. Have your little pride month to yourself, but if you get a month to yourself, we do to. Or are you going to try t insult us with,”straights aren’t beat up or fired from their jobs for being themselves, but lgbtq are.”, or another false statement like ” straights have every other day to be themselves, they don’t need a parade!”? I just want to make it clear that a lot of straights accept gays, but they don’t accept lgbtq’s constant whining for attention. I feel bad for the lgbtq people that aren’t like that. You can also remember that everyone came from two straight people.

  14. I’m so thankful I can stand up straight . I’m officially out right now as the true straight man I was born to be.thank you so much for giving us the courage to be true to our real straight selves and giving us a unique voice in all the noise of the oppressed.

  15. It’ about time. Can you organize a straight pride in Zurich, Switzerland aswell please?

  16. Omg thank you I can’t believe I’m finally being recognized, it’s not like straight people are seen as normal and allowed to exist without dying in some countries and have never been oppressed on the basis of sexuality ?

  17. I’m not sure I understand why some people are getting so upset about this. There are plenty of people in the USA that are oppressed. I understand that other countries kill gays, but unless you are most likely not there rallying for rights, don’t blame the straight US population for it. As far as shoving your beliefs down our throats, ABSOLUTELY. Gays can sue millions over flowers and cakes now, if that’s not shoving a belief down somebody’s throat, I don’t know what is. When are they going to force Catholic churches to perform matrimonial ceremonies? Be happy for other people, no matter what they believe in. If you don’t like the straight pride parade…(I’m no Dr. Phil when it comes to advice….but…) STAY HOME. That easy. Don’t support it if you don’t like it, but if we all quit bashing people for what they believe, or don’t believe in, the world would be a much better place to live in.

  18. You have a point. Add some serious real issues to your agenda. And don’t say or do anything stupid. And broaden your base beyond straight whites.

    I have received invitations from various universities, for example, NYU, to attend social events. The invitations targeted every specialty group you could think of but straight white men. No response when I emailed why I was not invited (probably would not attend for a variety of reasons but i CERTAINLY DESERVED AN EXPLANATION.)

    Other issues:

    Draft registration which is only required for men.

    The gender life span gap of around 5 years (women live longer).

    Life insurance premiums based on gender. Men pay more because heir lives are shorter.

  19. Never heard of this organization before but apparently it will be yet another pole-arizing event to add to the alphabet victim soup. Will this soup ever be done or will it just simmer and boil forever? I think straights to need to continue to take the high road even though they are becoming the victim du jour more each day.

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